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Small Cast Film Machine Each roller is independently driven by servo motor, combined with a small single screw extruder or a small twin screw extruder, then can make a set of  small extrusion casting and coating line,can making cast film forming process. Or you can choose the mini type cast film machine.

Chrome coated and mirror polished roller with 304 stainless steel shaftguarantees reliable quality and high surface quality of film.

Anodized treated aluminum alloy flatten roller smoothes the film.

Along with Single Screw Extruder and film casting die a Film CastingLine forms.

It integrates film casting, trimming, flatting and winding.

The gap between the casting roller and the die keeps variable by adjusting the height of casting roller.

Optional touching screen can independentlycontrol this unit.

Optional Mold Temperature Controller and Water Cooler for precise temperature control.

Optional air knife or electrostatic adsorption device removes the air between film and roll surface.

Optional trimming collection device improves winding quality

Optional constant tension winding device producessmooth film and high quality.


Small Cast Film Machine use for new formula development.

Small Cast Film Machine can be used in conjunction with small single screw extruder, and small twin screw extruder

Optimization of processing parameters.

Optional fatten roll/matte roll finishes  different film surface treatments



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