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Cellulose acetate membrane (CA membrane for short) is the most widely used type of cellulose reverse osmosis membrane. Cellulose acetate membrane has high flow rate and thermal stability. Compared with mixed cellulose ester microporous membrane, nylon membrane and PVDF membrane, it is also the filter membrane with the lowest adsorption capacity.




CA films have great benefits like:
1. Uniform membrane pore and high porosity

2. High flow rate and good interception effect

3. High strength, good biological inertness and stable chemical properties

4. Thin texture, low resistance, fast filtration

5. Good thermal stability, able to withstand high temperature working environment

6. The membrane with the best hydrophilicity has high water flux

7. Excellent economy, can achieve the maximum use effect at the lowest cost.

Unlike ordinary reverse osmosis membrane, cellulose acetate membrane is characterized by rich resources, non-toxic, cheap price, good hydrophilicity (high water permeability flow rate), high retention rate, simple membrane preparation process and easy industrial production. It has been widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, medicine, food, municipal engineering, sewage reuse and desalination and other fields.


Therefore, CA market potential is huge, it will be a huge business opportunity. CA  functional films are prepared by bidirectional stretching

Bidirectional stretcher/film bidirectional stretcher Can realize the horizontal and vertical low-cost test film, Guangzhou POTOP is committed to research and development of functional film test equipment, stretching instrument is the company.


Advantage of the main product: Lab Biaxial Stretcher10 times Biaxial Stretcher, 4 times Biaxial Stretcher, 5 times Biaxial Stretcher


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