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MDO machine can use as an offline stretching film machine, or combined with small single screw extruder, small twin screw extruder, small triple screw extruder, and a small cast film machine, to form a MDO on-line cast film stretching machine.

Or you can choose the MDO casting integrated machine.

Rollers for preheating, stretching, annealing and cooling are all independently driven by servo motors.

The gaps between the rollers can be adjustedby moving the relevant roll horizontally.

Mold Temperature Controller and heat conduction oil is adopted to heat the rollers.

10’ touch screen controlleris easy to operate.

European standard aluminum alloy frame makes it light, strong, corrosion resistant and durable.

304 stainless steel desktop, practical and beautiful.

Single or multi stage draw sections.

Size customizable


Off-line film machine directionorientation.

Optional single-point or two-point machine direction orientation.

Combined with Mini Precise Film Casting Line an on-line MDO line is made up.

Preparation ofstretching film with different draw ratio.

New formula development.

Functional film preparation and processing research.

Filmtensile performance test.

Optimization of film stretching parameters.



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